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India is a country which is packed with some of the most beautiful locations and picturesque spots. For some of the most vivid and exquisite backwater experiences coupled with wildlife, the Wildlife Backwater Tour Packages has many wildlife sanctuaries to offer. It will provide you with some spectacular travel spots and wildlife sanctuaries that will surely entice one and all.Soak in the myriad of various national parks while staying on a houseboat and visiting various other attractions. Enjoy the beauty of the pristine ambience of the sanctuaries.This Wildlife Backwater Tour Packages will take you on an extremely commendable journey which will prove to be appropriate for all masses especially those who are adventure junkies and fond of nature. The package will assist them in exploring the exotic flavours of floras and faunas at the fine wildlife parks of India.

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Wildlife Backwater Tour Packages: 

1.Periyar Tiger Reserve: Visit the popular Periyar Lake around which the sanctuary is built for boating. This is the only sanctuary in India which will give you an entirely unique experience of sighting the wild life from a close proximity while enjoying the boat ride.Indulge in a spice plantation tour which will be covering a rich inclusion of plantations such as rubber, pepper, tea, coffee and cardamom.Also, do pay a visit to the local spice market for experiencing some garden fresh spices and handicrafts.


2.Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary:  The Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary is situated in the northern side of Wayanad. It will beckon you to discover its large dense regions and an engaging wildlife safari tour.The wildlife jeep safari at the sanctuary will proffer fantastic chances of spotting various wild animals and exotic species of birds in their natural habitat.You will be all the time in the vicinity of experienced guides during your safari expedition. One more interesting attraction of the region is the lake where animals usually come in order to quench their thirst of the scorching summer heat.


3.Chimmony wildlife sanctuary:  Chimmony wildlife sanctuary is situated in the district of Thrissur. It has encompasses watershed areas of two rivers namely the Kunumali and Mupliyam which are bounded by hills. The sanctuary consists of numerous sorts of flora and fauna. Chimmony Wildlife Sanctury is set in India near the Peechi Vazhani wildlife of Kerala.There exist about 110 diverse kinds of birds which include 22 kinds of migratory birds. The water body of this sanctuary is home to 31 numerous species of the local fish. Besides this, there also co exist many unique species of endangered orchids and herbs like Mara Manjal and analivegam that add to the biodiversity of the sanctuary.

Pay a visit to the Chimmoy wildlife sanctuary where you can indulge in different kinds of activities like bamboo rafting through the waters. You can enjoy the splendid camping site experience while having dinner under the star studded sky.


4.Muthanga Sanctuary: Muthanga Sanctuary is also called as Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and it lies in the Western Ghat region of Kerala. It spreads over an area of about 345 square kilometres.Indulge in a thrilling wildlife safari in the untamed wilderness of the Muthanga Sanctuary which has a variety of exotic flora and fauna to offer you.You will get to witness a variety of animals such as the Gaur, Dholes, Cheetah and Jackals. You might get lucky if you get to spot the Bengal Tiger as well.

The flora in particular comprises of dense deciduous forests which are mostly found near the western coast. There are various kinds of plantations of coffee and tea which fill the entire sanctuary with their fragrance.


5.Kerala Wildlife with Houseboats:  Kerala is an abode of an exquisite environment which lets the traveller experience a great wildlife encounter along with a mesmerizing backwater cruise. You will feel absolutely delightful on tea gardens and backwaters tour whilst exploring the bliss of untamed nature. Visit the jungles of Periyar and discover the joy in Kerala’s amazing wildlife. Experience boating in the lake settled amid the rich biodiversity to feel the grandeur of the backwaters.

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