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Baghel Museum Wildlife

Baghel Museum - Wildlife

Bandhavgarh Museum depicts the eminent history of the place. This museum well conserves and features the assets of the Maharaja of Rewa. 

The museum is situated at a distance of 100 meters from the Bandhavgarh tiger reserve and is famously known for having safeguarded the precious belongings of Shikargarh or a game preserve that the tourists most definitely wish to discover at the Bandhavgarh.

The opening timings to visit the Baghel Museum are from 10 in the morning to 3 in the evening and from 5 in the evening till 8 in the evening. The Baghel Museum in Bandhavgarh houses all the prized possessions of the Maharaja of Rewa which are kept intact for display in the museum.

The visitors come here to also discover the regal life and the forest of Bandhavgarh. Besides all this, the museum also showcases the stuffed body of the first white tiger that had been spotted by the Maharaja of Rewa. The museum boasts of very antique hunting equipments of the Maharajas along with some of the military equipments as well. These equipments were used by the Maharaja of Rewa for the purpose of hunting which has the property of Shikargarh that the travelers mostly excited to discover at the Bandhavgarh. 

The Baghel Museum in Bandhavgarh is a majestic manor where the accessories and all other sorts of possessions of the Maharaja of Rewa are kept for portrayal. Baghel Museum is a rich gamut of a variety of possessions of the entire Maharajas of Baghel dynasty. The museum portrays artifacts which are direct proofs of the wealthy way of life of the rulers of the Baghel dynasty.

Baghel museum also owns a varied range of costly silver and gold artifacts along with a unique collection of antiques, glass items, paintings and other rare articles. The most intriguing part of the museum though remains the stuffed body of the white tiger.A Bandhavgarh tale says that the white tigers can still be found in the forest and at the museum, situated near the Tala village, one can see Mohan, the white tiger cub which was captured by Maharaja Martand Singh in the year 1951 and was stuffed and mounted. 

The visitors majorly come to Bandhavgarh just to discover and experience the royal life in addition to the lush green forests of the Bandhavgarh.Also, there is a small shop just outside the park from where you can shop for yourself and your dear ones. You will also find numerous pictures of tigers spotted in the park that are on sale here. 

The time that is considered best to visit this spot is between the months of November and June. Baghel museum in Bandhavgarh is an ideal destination to spend a great time with your family and friends. Do not miss to enjoy all the major attractions of this famous tourist destination.Loose yourselves in the spirit of adventure that you will receive on exploring the Baghel museum in Bandhavgarh.

Take pleasure in all the popular interests and bring back more than a few unforgettable moments. Baghel museum in Bandhavgarh is not just the place for seeing the sights or visiting the places of interests but it also enables you to steal a self-indulgent moment with yourself. Travel around all the fascinating themes, wonderful designs, multi-colored landscapes all at one place. 

Baghel museum in Bandhavgarh is surely one of the best ways to spend an unforgettable time with your family and closed ones. So, take pleasure in a thrilling and enchanting trip to the Baghel museum in Bandhavgarh.

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