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Night Safari At Jim Corbett Wildlife

Night Safari At Jim Corbett - Wildlife

Jim Corbett National Park is home to more than 200 royal Bengal Tigers, a lot of Elephants, almost 60000 plus Deers. The park which is a royal home of Wild Life comprises of over 1,20,00,00 trees and other plants.Jim Corbett is situated in Nainital district of Uttarakhand and is at a distance of about 260 kilometers from New Delhi and about 230 kilometers from Dehradun. It is very near to the Corbett city Ramnagar.

It is a very popular saying that the Jungle never sleeps so why waste the night. Night safaris are not meant to be done inside the Corbett national park but only on the road on the border of the national park.Night safari provides an amazing thrill to the visitors visiting the Corbett national park besides providing excellent sighting of wildlife as the animals are most active at nights. 

In night safari when the roads are rough, one should be vigilant enough and watch out for reptiles like snakes or pythons which tend to rest on relatively warmer roads.In Jim Corbett wildlife, people can enjoy three different types of Corbett Safaris but a thing to remember is that each safari needs to be reserved in advance because booking starts around 45 days before. 

• Jim Corbett Jeep Safari: One of the best ways to enjoy the Jim Corbett National Park is considered to be the jeep safari. It is speedy and also the most relaxed activity. The joy of the open jeep in itself is the best part while tracking tiger footprints in the wilderness.

There are majorly four zones in the Jim Corbett National Park which are Bijrani, Jhirna, Durga Devi and Sitamani.

• Canter Safari: It is an open 16 seat minibus which only covers the Dhikala Zone of Jim Corbett National Park and is also a bit slow. 

• Elephant Safari: Most of the elephant safaris are available in the Jim Corbett National Park whereas the joy ride is only available on the banks of the River Kosi. 

The entire forest area of Sitabani is open all through the year for Safari tours and there is absolutely no limit of vehicles entering the area.

Sitabani is believed to be one of important zones which are always packed with tourists and most of the tourists entering the Sitabani Jeep Safari zone are ardent bird watchers.

All the bird lovers will be the happiest people to watch all the different kinds of birds and the best part is that there are a great variety of birds to watch through the entire season. Also, the travelers can also take glimpses of vultures, which have almost vanished from the cities and towns.

One thing to note is that only those people can indulge in jeep safaris at Dhikala zone that have permits to stay at the forest lodges located at Dhikala zone. If you are staying outside the Dhikala zone then canter safari will be the only option to indulge in the safari ride at the Dhikala zone.

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