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Bandhavgarh Hill Wildlife

Bandhavgarh Hill - Wildlife

Bandhavgarh Hill is the topmost hill in the Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve lying at a height of above 807 meters above sea level. Bandhavgarh Hill has provided the tiger reserve with its name. Then there is the Bandhavgarh Fort that is nested on top of the hill which has served as the seat of the rulers of Rewa State in the past. 

Bandhavgarh hill are situated at the middle of the park and are bounded by sloping valleys which end in petite and swampy meadows locally known as ‘bohera’.The Bandhavgarh hills which are the highest hills in the Bandhavgarh reserve are surrounded by 32 small hills which together are believed to form numerous low lying plains as well as valleys.

This range of hills in particular is created from sandstone and water that permeates into it. The result of this unique formations leads to the creation of many springs and streams that are known to originate from this hill. The east side of the hill gets taken by the River Son and the Johilla Riverpass followed by the River Umrar that flows on the west side. The Bandhavgarh Hill range has mostly a flat top with the meadows in it being marshy and swampy.One can see the Bamboos and the Sal trees layering the hill’s plain as the hill ascends it slopes and also one can witness various rare species of insectivorous plants like Drocera Peltata is which is known to be found alongside Acorus Calamus or the Buch. 

The Bandhavgarh Hill is widely known for its scenic and natural beauty of the hills which can be viewed from as far as 30 kilometers and also the overall cool climate which entices most of the tourists. 

The hill has strikingly impressive rocky cliffs and Vultures seem to be having their nests on the rock crevices which are plastered white with the bird droppings. Also, the Bandhavgarh hill hosts a lot of leopards in its caves.

The hill is placed right in the centre of the park and is quite picturesque. It has a temple on the top which is known as the Bandhavadheesh Temple; however visiting the temple is permitted only on select few days of the year and the temple can be visited just once in a year during the festival of Janmasthami. 

Bandhavgarh is situated in the Vindhya hills of the district of Umaria District and the Bandhavadheesh Temple is located in the Bandhavgarh national park, at the top of the Bandhavgarh Hill at an elevation of about 811 meters from the sea level. 

This hilltop site lies in the Tala zone of the Bandhavgarh national park and is placed near to the Bandhavgarh Fort. 

There is a lot of hidden past associated with the forests of the Bandhavgarh. The Bandhavgarh Fort which lies within the national park is considered to be over 2000 years old and also poses a mention in the Narad Panch Ratra and the Ramayana of Valmiki.

The Bandhavdheesh temple makes for a very popular tourist spot but sadly, tourists are not allowed to visit this temple. The temple is bounded by a thick dense forest area at the hilltop which offers a mesmerizing view of the Bandhavgarh safari area. 

Besides the Bandhavdheesh temple, you can also pay a visit to various water tanks, Moti Mahal, the Kabir temple and the Shesh-shaiya including many more.

You can also visit a place called Rani Tank which is very near to the temple and is formed by sandstone. Also, adjacent to this, you can find the Rani Mahal which is also known as Moti Mahal. There are also several other structures and statues like the Machli temple, Varah statue, Vishnu statue and the Treasury.

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