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Devalia Safari Park Wildlife

Devalia Safari Park - Wildlife

Devalia Safari Park is the founding of a particular eco-tourism zone to lessen the crowd visiting the Gir Forest and to present the entire wildlife of Gir at a single place in safe habitats. Devalia Safari is also popularly known as the Gir Interpretation Zone.The area is a distinct eco-tourism milieu that allows to travelers to sight lions and other unusual wild animals of Gir within a small time frame and against cheaper charges.

In another language, the Devaliya Safari Park is a part of the Gir National Park and it provides an opportunity of sheltering the wild inhabitants within a segregated area with Ha Chain linked fences. This sheer effort has been possible by the department of eco-tourism with an aim to minimize the tourist pressure entirely on the Gir National Park as a whole and to boost the chances for tourists to view the wild animals even more.

This Gir Interpretation Zone (GIZ) encompasses about 412 ha chain link fenced areas which are regarded as Gir. These areas are believed to cover all kinds of habitats and the wildlife of Gir. The most essential purpose of creating this facility is to provide the tourists with a fair chance of witnessing the lions along with other exotic animals in their natural habitats that too within a short span of time and at rates that are not very high.

The area comprises of a very wide range of animals which include the Asiatic lions, Leopards, Blue Bull, Sambhar, Chital, Jackal, Black buck, Wild Boar and several others. Yet one more attraction of the area is the presence of the Savana habitat and other varieties of floras. There is also a vast range of unique birds which includes Peafowl and vultures being among the common ones to be found in the Devalia Safari Park.

Reaching the Devalia Safari by road is quitye easy. The Devalia Safari is at a distance of about 56 kilometers from Junagadh and around 13 kilomerers from the Sasan Gir village.The reception centre is at the Gir Interpretation Zone Devaliya Safari and Sasan Gir along with a forest guest house which is maintained by the forest department, near the railway station.

The area of the Gir Interpretation Zone Devalia Safari Park falls within the Junagadh district of Gujarat and in close proximity to the Sasan Gir village which is only about 12 kilometers away from the Devaliya National Park.

If one wishes to reach the Devalia Safari Park by rail, one can travel by rail to Junagadh from Ahmadabad or Rajkot and then take a 55 kilometers road trip on either a bus or a taxi to the GIZ Devalia Safari Park or can come via local trains from Junagadh to the Sasan Gir village.

If one wishes to reach the Devalia Safari Park via air then one can come by flight up to Rajkot or Ahemedabad.

There are also Lion shows organized at the Devaliya National park. These are basically pre-arranged shows that are arranged by the forest department and which increase your chances of visualizing the big cats to just some other level. 

While exploring on the safari tour of the Gir National Park, you might face quite a lot of restrictions regarding visit timings, speed limits and no-horn zones but that is not the case with the Devaliya Safari Park. 

The Devaliya National Park remains open for visitors from Monday to Saturday although no safari rides or visits are allowed on Sundays.

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