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Dhonk Wildlife

Dhonk - Wildlife

Dhonk is actually the name of a tree that is prevalent to the dry deciduous forest of Rajasthan which is also known to be one of the oldest trees that are found in the Aravalli Hills.

Dhonk is in charge for making handicrafts in and around Ranthambhore. It aims to give a sustainable livelihood to people living near Ranthambhore.

Dhonk's main intent is to promote raw local talent and bring out the colors of Rajasthan for its customers. Dhonk is an amalgamation of ethnic and avant-garde fashion which gives the best of both the worlds to the customer. It focuses on achieving excellence gradually in order to bring maximum joy to its customers.

The Dhonk village is an exceptional concept which covers the tigers, locals and the authentic crafts of the area under one roof. So, come and witness all the happenings and joyously be a part of it. A lady with a broken backbone supports herself by working from home. She puts kantha stitch on Dhonk bedspreads. The Dhonk shop is right next to the Oberoi Vanya Vilas inside the Maa Farms in Ranthambhore.

The significant aims and objectives of the Dhonk are as follows:

  1. To provide unconventional employment options to the Mogya Tribe who belong to the ex-poachers families.
  2. To supply free vocational training to the Mogya boys for tailoring so that they are able to earn a livelihood in any village with the help of their profession. 
  3. To give an alternative livelihood to the villagers of the smaller areas who are the ‘Tiger’s Neighbors’.
  4. To educate the people who are working with Dhonk on issues related to the forest and the Tigers.

Conservation efforts to protect wildlife are very important which is why anti-poaching efforts have been stepped up and improved security has been implemented at tiger parks.

One such park is Ranthambore National Park which is situated in the deciduous forests of northern India. This National Park is a well renowned sanctuary as well as a conservation center for the endangered tiger.

But quite a few people of the area also need assistance so it is simply not enough to enforce the laws against poaching.  There should be available an alternative and sustainable source of income.

The Dhonk Women's Cooperative was formed in answer to exactly this need. It was established in Sawai Madhopur. The Dhonk Women's Cooperative is basically a community of Mogya which is situated at a distance of about 80 miles from Jaipur and less than a mile from Ranthambore.

It was the woman, Divya Shrivastava Khandal, a former corporate dietician who appointed the area with her husband Dharmendra Khandal.

She created Dhonk to help break the phase of poaching by offering free vocational training to young Mogya boys along with providing a substitute livelihood option for the adults to preserve traditional artistry.

There is a machine that is included in the artistry which is meant to stitch kashida embroidery. Divya constantly keeps on trying and introducing fresh crafts to bring diversity in the products.

Dhonk Craft is a very appealing project which was born out of the need to provide sustainable living to the families of poachers although it then steadily extended its work for the local villagers too who live in the border of the park. This makes them heavily benefit from the tourism invasion in Ranthambhore.

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