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Things To Do Wildlife

Things To Do - Wildlife

1.Valley of Flowers : The Valley of Flowers trek which is an amalgamation of the verdant beauty of the snowcapped mountains, green meadows and the white clouds that blend to make for a one of a kind beautiful trek.This mesmerizing trek to the Valley of Flowers is known to be the most charming and mesmeric one. It was actually discovered in the year 1931 by a person named Frank Smith He was a vivid botanist, explorer and mountaineer. The locals still believe the valley to be an abode of the angels and fairies.The delightful appearance and the mesmeric beauty and the splendid outlook of the valley make it such an enticing tourist destination. The valleys of flowers actually originate from Ghangria which lie on the foothills of the Western Himalayas.This interesting trek comprises of rugged terrains, narrow passages, enticing views of the nearby peaks and steep climbs.As you ascend from the rugged and rough terrains, it will takes you around few hours to reach to the main valley and upon reaching the flat land, you can spend enough time exploring and witnessing the wonders of the nature.

2.Kaziranga National Park : Kaziranga National Park is the only natural home to the greatly famous one-horned Rhinos and to spot them, you will have to travel to the deep jungles and keep patience.This National Park is situated between the suburbs of the districts of Golaghat and Nagaon in Assam. The park also has Elephants, Indian Tigers and Asiatic Buffalos in great numbers. Also, have fun while indulging in thrilling Elephant Safari rides and Jeep Safaris which are the best possible ways to discover and unfold the vigor and splendor of this national sanctuary.


3.Gir National Park : You will deeply enjoy being a part of the exotic jungle safari rides wherein you can spot the wild lions wandering casually in their natural habitat very peacefully along with other unique wild animals.Explore the exquisite Bhuj which serves you the colorful images of the traditional tribes, their artifacts and the home-grown culture that they possess. Also, meet and greet the tribal people to get knowledge about the interiors of their villages and their lifestyle in particular.Not to miss the exotic jeep safari rides that take place inside the park which have garnered a lot of admirers as these safaris give a much engorged picture of the natural habitat of most of the endangered species apart from the Asiatic Lions that exist in the park.


4.Sariska National Park : The Jeep safari rides of the Sariska National park will surely take you too deep within the national park as you will get to discover the national park, its wildlife and the natural habitat of the wild animals living there for a good three hours. So, definitely embark upon this safari ride with your family and closed ones to make memories that will stay on with you for a very long time.Have fun in the Sariska Jungle trek in Alwar which takes place at the Siliserh Lake in Alwar. Do not miss at all to get on on this adventurous expedition in Rajasthan.Also, try to participate as much as you can in the spread of adventurous activities like trekking and crocodile sighting.Indulge in the thrilling trek through the Sariska jungles along with knowledgeable professionals to get a delightful experience. Discover the astonishing natural beauty that you will be around while indulging in the numerous adventure activities.


5.Jim Corbett National Park : The Jim Corbett National Park is rich in wildlife as it comprises a variety of distinct species of animals and birds. The list of things to do in the Jim Corbett National park is a never ending as there is a lot that one can do. Ranging from deep jungle safari rides to camping, trekking, hiking, bird watching and mountains biking for all the adventure and thrill seekers. It is suggested that you hire a jeep or ride on an elephant if you opt to go for jungle safari ride.If you wish to ignite the explorer within you, then you can go on board with numerous trekking and hiking trails or if you love birds then you can go to certain spots which are situated in various parts of the park. Not to miss the river crossing and mountain biking to add on more to the adventure and thrill.

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