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Bandipur Safari Lodge Bar Wildlife

Bandipur Safari Lodge Bar - Wildlife

Bandipur Safari Lodge with its modern style and comfortable rooms is a total pleasure to stay at.The natural harmony and stillness of the place are preserved by consciously avoided televisions and air-conditioners in the rooms.A gentle breeze always keeps blowing in from the hillside which provides a natural air-conditioning to the spacious rooms. Overall, it is a fine place to spend a night after a tiring day of sightseeing where you can just soothe your nerves by trying the refreshing drinks available in the in-built bar.

This bar is exceedingly well-known for its flawless customer service.With drinks from almost all the brands available, you will have a hard time in selecting your drink. The drinks will help you in winding down after an exhausting day.

You will have the option of complementing your meal with some mouth watering appetizers and the extremely well-cooked food that will kill all your hunger pangs.This place which has once served to be as the private hunting grounds of the maharaja is unapologetically a wild terrain. You will get to see elephants wandering in large herds, deers staring at you blatantly and pea fowls flitting in and out as they deem fit.

Tucked away in the foothills of the Nilgiris, Bandipur has had a long tryst with tigers. It is very proudly, one of the thirty reserves that have been identified across the country regarding saving the tiger and its habitat. Also, it is one of the last refuges of the endangered Asiatic wild elephant. The Bandipur Safari Lodge will most certainly provide you with the most fascinating yet peaceful way of being a part of an ecological haven. 

Everybody in this world has a role to play in maintaining the ecological balance and nothing makes you more aware of how much for granted we have taken all this than a visit to the wild. Be prepared experience wildlife at its best as it is is known to touch the deepest recesses of one’s mind.

The utter majesty of elephants who are very much aware of their power, the sheer size of the forest and its ancient secrets, the unblinking gaur that will boldly dare you to try stare him down, and if you’re lucky, a glimpse of a tiger or leopard, arrogance clearly written on their feline features is a reverberating lesson in learning to respect nature. The guests are taken every evening to the jungle along with a trained naturalist for company.

The bird-lovers need not worry at all as they will not suffer for company. With over two hundred species of birds including peafowl, hornbills, woodpeckers, the Crested Hawk Eagle, wagtails, blue jays, partridges and so many others, one can spend as much time as they want in order to spot these brightly hued winged creatures.

You may end the day on a passive note, with the cicadas taking over the night shift from the birds to provide you the perfect accompaniment to your campfire barbecue dinner.

Even though Bandipur is an around-the-year tourist destination, summers are considered the best time for wildlife sightings. Whereas, the months between March are May are believed to be a dry season when the animals come out of hiding and can be spotted by the watering holes.

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