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Top 10 Dishes Wildlife

Top 10 Dishes - Wildlife

1.Dal-Baati-Churma, Rajasthan, Ranthambore National Park : This dish is one of the primary dishes of Rajasthan which has gained popularity across the world. It is basically an amalgamation of three different items namely a spicy Dal, a deep-fried Baati and a scrumptious churma. The baatis are baked flaky round breads made of wheat flour. The dal item is prepared of five different is called as the panchmel dal or panch kutti dal.

2.Kathiyawadi Thali, Gujarat, Gir National Park : If you are in Gujarat, you must try this vivid vegetarian platter which is very popular. The papad and tadela marcha, or fried green chillies, served at the start offer a great beginning. The chickpea noodles cooked in tomato gravy along with Dahi Bhindi, sweet and sour ivy gourd followed by dal. There are also some seasonal dishes added in the Thali.

 3.Dosa, Thekkady, Periyar National Park : Dosa is probably the most famous South Indian dish. It is basically a type of pancake made from a fermented batter which is roughly similar to a crepe in appearance. Its main ingredients are rice and black gram and traditionally, the dosa is served hot along with sambar, a stuffing of potatoes and chutney but can also be consumed with idli podi.

 4.Rogan Josh, Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh National Park : The local dishes of Madhya Pradesh include the Dal Bafla, Biryani, Kebabs, Korma, Poha, Rogan Josh, Jalebi, Ladoos and beverages like Lassi and Sugarcane Juice. The Rogan josh consists of pieces of lamb or mutton that are braised with a gravy flavored with garlic, ginger and some aromatic spices.

 5.Bamboo chicken, Assam, Kaziranga National Park : Visitors of Kaziranga National Park can indulge in authentic dishes like Dry Fish Powder, Dry Fish (Oakreng), Pha-ok Pen Hanserong which is Pork cooked in roselle leaves and the Go-ok Pen Kemung  which is actually Chicken cooked in bamboo tubes  and is also known as Bamboo Chicken. Bamboo chicken is a chicken curry prepared by stuffing the bamboo shoot with the chicken and then cooking it on charcoal. It is purely an oil free and nutritionally rich dish. 

 6.Masor Tenga, Assam, Manas National Park  : If you are in Assam and planning to visit the Kaziranga National Park or the Manas National Park then do read about Masor Tenga which is a very famous dish of Assam. It is a simple fish curry that is the people of Assam regularly have in their lunch and dinner. This dish is best enjoyed along with steamed rice. 

 7.Garhwal Ka Fannah, Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National Park : If you are visiting the Jim Corbett or any other wildlife sanctuary in the state of Uttarakhand, you will be taken away by their simple cuisine.

Their main food includes vegetables along with food that has high fibre content. One of the main dishes is the Garhwal ka Fannah which is also a part of the Pahari cuisine especially famous in Mussorie.

 8.Hilsa Fish curry, Kolkata, Sunderbans National Park : If you are in Bengal to visit the Sunderbans National Park, then you have to try the Hilsa fish curry which is very popular there.The traditional Bengali way of cooking the Hilsa fish is doing it in Mustard-Yogurt gravy. It is great to have it with steamed rice. It is very delicious and a spicy fish recipe that you will enjoy to have.

 9.Puran Poli, Maharashtra, Tadoba National Park : Visitors of the Tadoba National Park which is situated in Maharashtra should definitely try their most famous dish which is Puran Poli. It is basically a flat Indian bread which is stuffed with a sweet lentil filling and is similar to a Paratha but the stuffing is made from jaggery.  

 10.Daal Bafla, Madhya Pradesh, Kanha National Park : If you are in the state of Madhya Pradesh, you must try the Daal Bafla which is a very famous dish. It is a delicious cuisine and is well complemented with Dal and coriander sauce. It is loaded with lots of multiple vitamins as well.

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